What is powder coating

How it works and why you should start powder coating

How it works

Powder coating gun works by charging powder particles inside gun using friction between powder and PTFE plastic. After this powder sticks to part by electrostatic charge. This is very similar to dust sticking to the screen of your computer or tv. Powder sticks securely and part can be shaken before curing. This process is different from other processes where powder is charged by up to 100 000 kilovolts to make it stick to part as it produces no orange peel effect that is often associated with powder coating. This process is also safer because of the absence of such high voltage.

Why better compared to liquid painting

• Almost no VOC (volatile organic compound)Requires no special skills and is very easy to apply
• Requires no special skills and is very easy to apply
• Powder coating is one coat application
• Coating can be more thicker
• No paint run-offs that can be so frustrating using conventional liquid coating
• Very chemical, abrassion and solvent resistant
• Overspray can be recycled- no waste
• Does not require facilities to dry parts for extended period
• Requires lower air pressure

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