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Guide to help you choose a powder coating gun

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We have a selection of 4 powder coating guns on our webshop. With this blog post we want to help you to choose the right equipment you need.

NordicPulver PRO / PRO+

NordicPulver PRO / PRO+ powder coating gun is professional powder coating equipment made to be used by professionals and hobbyist users at an affordable price.

NordicPulver PRO is supplied with an air pressure regulator attached to the gun. You can powder coat using all the available TRIBO type powder coating powders (now even Chrome and Candy powder). NordicPulver PRO+ is the same like PRO model, but it comes in a case for convenient storage and in additional it has a water filter attached to the gun, clip on wire connector and total of 2 containers.

NordicPulver NP-09

NordicPulver NP-09 powder coating gun is a perfect choice for hobby users. It coats smaller workpieces very well. With this powder coating gun you can use a silent airbrush compressor in an environment such as a basement of a residential house where a noise of a standard air compressor is a problem.

NordicPulver NP-11

Powder coating gun made for HOME DIY and small business! You can powder coat wheels, frames, brake calipers, brackets and any other metal workpieces.

We have listened to all the feedback we have got from our customers who used NP-09 tribo powder coating gun and present you the new and improved NP-11 tribo powder coating gun. Compared to NordicPulver NP-09 this gun's construction and materials are higher quality. Components are CNC milled in Europe. Powder containers are larger. This gun is faster and easier to clean after each powder paint color change.

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